Not to be confused with the place: Walrus Agency HQ.

The Walrus Agency (sometimes referred to as the Walrus Society) is an organization of secret agent walruses dedicated to protecting the citizens of New Walrus City. It is located in the Walrus Agency HQ, hidden deep within the mountains. Chief Wendall has been the chief of the agency for as long as anyone can remember. Agent Wallree, Agent Wilson, Agent Wendy, Agent Sandra, Harpy, and hundreds more work at the agency. Other agencies like it function in different cities, such as the Seal Agency and the Orca Agency.

Walrus Agency CodeEdit

This is the code that all of the agents live by:

"We pledge to give ourselves to protect and defend the general public of New Walrus City and its vicinity, and to never let anything get in our way to do so."

List of Agents and StaffEdit