Tabby Furry is the author and illustrator of the Agent Wallree books in the stuffie world. In the real world, Bennett Anderson writes the books. The books are based on her son, Wallree Furry. She thought it would be cute to write about him as a secret agent. Little does she know, Wallree is actually a real agent!

How it StartedEdit

How Tabby thought of the idea for the hit series took place one day when Wallree Furry was playing in the corner of her office, while Tabby was thinking of an idea. Then suddenly, Wallree started playing a secret agent game, and he did all these impressions and noises, and Tabby knew she had a perfect idea! She grabbed a pencil and notepad and started writing down everything Wallree did. She typed it up and sent it to Furco Publishers, who gladly bound it into the book is is today. Her first book, Agent Wallree and the Secret Room of Secretiveness, sky rocketed to the number one Stuffie Star bestseller! Wallree became even more famous! (He was already the king and queen's grandson.) But the mystery Wallree a real agent? Tabby claims she saw Wallree taking orders from a walrus with a mustache on her SMART PHONE! But, she did have an eye doctor appointment that week.

(PSSST!!! OVER HERE!!! Wallree is actually a real agent...)