Sir Wallace
Species: Walrus

Agent Wallree and the Emerald Sword

Sir Wallace is a villian walrus that stole the Emerald Sword and the Twilight Helmet from the Museum in Agent Wallree and the Emerald Sword. He unleashed the Ghost Knights and turned New Walrus City into Olde Walrus Ville. He was killed at the end of the book when he sliced the rope bridge in half, sending himself and Wallree plunging into the river below. Sir Wallace was born in a distant fantasy land, but when a storm killed everyone but him, he turned to the side of evil.


  • "Out of my way!"


  • He is a little bit crazy, since he killed himself just to try to kill Wallree as well.
  • You could say that he is the most successful villian, because he was the only villian whose plan succeeded. (The Twilight Helmet was never found.)