Mr. Mele

Mr. Mele in the movies.

Species: Chameleon

The Secret Room of Secretiveness (cameo), Agent Wallree and the Secret Room

Mr. Mele (pronounced MEEL-ee) is the rich old owner of a giant mansion on the rich side of New Walrus City. He hosted the party at his mansion in Agent Wallree and the Secret Room. It is assumed that he also hosted the party in the book, but he isn't seen. He is played by Azulio Lizarmond.


  • "Hey, this is my party!"
  • "Enjoying the party, Wallree? I know how you love parties."


  • He is only seen in the movie so far, never in the book.
  • It is possible that he is a walrus in the book, like how Wallrette is a poodle in the movie.