Main CharactersEdit

  • Agent Wallree - a determined little walrus that works at the Walrus Agency. He is very kind. He lives in a dorm with Agent Wilson, and Agent Wendy lives next door. They are his best friends. Agent Wallree is the main character of the series.
  • Agent Wilson - he is younger than Wallree and Wendy, but that doesn't mean he's not a big help! He shares a dorm with Wallree. He is usually the one captured by the villain. In some episodes, he is Wallree's little brother.
  • Agent Wendy - she came to the Walrus Agency after being abused by her evil parents in Waltropolis. Wallree and Wilson are her best friends. She lives in a dorm next to them. She may have a special relationship with Wallree.
  • Chief Wendall - he has been the leader of the Walrus Agency longer than anyone can remember. He is very diligent, and never let's anything get in the way of justice, but he can be fun at times. His favorite agents are Wallree, Wilson, and Wendy.
  • Agent Sandra - a snobby exchange agent from the Seal Agency.
  • Harpy - Agent Sandra's little brother. He always wants to lend a helping flipper.
  • Will - Will is Wallree, Wilson, and Wendy's Data Consultant. He works in the Data Room. He is first introduced in Agent Wallree and the Danger Down Deep


Minor CharactersEdit