Species: Seal

Agent Wallree and the Danger Down Deep

Harpy is a baby harp seal that is in training to be an agent. He is Agent Sandra's little brother. He and his sister were exchange agents from the Seal Agency. He looks up to his sister, despite her snobbiness. It seems as though Mayor Seal is his legal guardian. Harpy tends to follow Agent Wilson around, and often asks if they can be "besties". Harpy always wants to help, just to be informed that he's too little.


  • "And I'm Harpy!"
  • "I wanna help too!"


  • Harpy's real name is Senerveous Harpald Sealio III, and Harpy is just his nickname.
  • Harps seals don't ushually have tusks, but Harpy was born with one "buck tusk" sticking out on his left side.