Agent Wilson

Wilson in the books.

Species: Walrus

The Day My Toaster Attacked (cameo), The Trick of Saint Nick , Ye Olde Zombie Retirement Home, The Trouble with Double, The Emerald Sword, Agent Wallree 2 the Hypnotism Hoax

Agent Wilson is a timid walrus who works for the walrus society, and he is also Wallree's best friend. He is another main character in the series. He is younger than Wallree but his tusks are longer than Wallree's. He first appears in Book 3, The Trick of Saint Nick. He is always determined to make Wallree and Wendy happy and isn't afraid to take a risk for his friends. Wilson lives in a dorm with Wallree, and Wendy lives next door. In the books he is Wallree's little brother.


Wilson in the movies.


  • "I'll take care of it, Wallree!"
  • "Wallree, watch out!"
  • "We used the powers of magnetism!"