Book 5: Agent Wallree and the Trouble with Double
Book No.: 5

Tabby Furry / Bennett Anderson

Characters Present:

Agent Wallree, Agent Wilson, Chief Wendall, Agent Wendy, Mayor Orca, The Wilson Clones


Agent Wallree and Ye Olde Zombie Retirement Home


Agent Wallree and the Emerald Sword

Agent Wallree and the Trouble with Double is the fifth book in the Agent Wallree book series. In the book, Wilson is kidnapped by Mayor Orca and brought to the Abandoned Lighthouse, where Mayor Orca built a cloning machine. He then clones Wilson, making the Wilson Clones, planning to take over the world with them. Agent Wendy is initiated into the agency, and she and Wallree are sent to save Wilson. At the end, the Lighthouse explodes and Mayor Orca dies.


  • Why didn't Mayor Orca clone himself instead of kidnapping someone?
  • This is the only book where the Wilson Clones appear.
  • This is Agent Wendy's first appearance.