Book 7: Agent Wallree and the Danger Down Deep
Book No.: 7

Tabby Furry / Bennett Anderson

Characters Present:

Agent Wallree, Agent Wilson, Agent Wendy, Chief Wendall, Agent Sandra, Harpy, Mayor Seal


Agent Wallree and the Emerald Sword


Agent Wallree and the Paralyzed Pyramids

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Agent Wallree and the Danger Down Deep is the seventh book in the Agent Wallree series. It concludes Agent Wallree and the Emerald Sword's plot. Sir Wallace and Agent Wallree have plummeted into the river below, and Agent Wilson and Agent Wendy must locate Wallree in the dark rapids. And legend tells of a sea monster that lurks in the depths of the river, and feeds on anything it can get it's tentacles on... Meanwhile, Agent Sandra , an imported agent from the Seal Agency, and her little brother Harpy , who is in training, join the Walrus Agency.

This book is not yet published. It went over it's first publishing date, but is ecpected to release Summer 2012.

New Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Agent Sandra - snobby exchanged agent
  • Harpy - Sandra's adorable little brother
  • Will - Wallre, Wilson, and Wendy's Data Consultant, he has always been there, just never named.