Agent Wallree 3: The Wizard's Wand is a planned third film in the Agent Wallree Movie Series. In it, an old wizard makes a wand that can control anything, and hides it on a remote island.Then the wizard mysteriously disapears. Dr. McDead has his debut in the movies in this film, and he, as the villain, discovers the location of the wand and rushes to the island. Agent Wallree, Wilson, and possibly Wendy (it is unknown in Stuffie Studies/Furco Films can find a suited acter for Wendy's part) must also go to the island to stop Dr. McDead. But is the wand a dream come true, or a curse? Some say the film has similarity to the book Agent Wallree and the Danger Down Deep, both involving water chases. The movie has not yet set a pusblish date.