Agent Wallree 2 the Hypnotism Hoax
Movie No.: 2
Present Characters:

Agent Wallree, Agent Wilson, Mayor Orca, Chief Wendall, The Unseen Secretary, The Policerhino


Agent Wallree and the Secret Room


Wallree Furry, Harpy Little Harpingsquire, Orki Harpingsquire, Ryan Furry

Agent Wallree 2 the Hypotism Hoax is the 1304 sequel to Agent Wallree and the Secret Room. The movie is loosely based on book two. The movie was produced by Furco Films and Stuffie Studios and directed by Guacamolito Majito Scumicimodito. In the movie, Wilson is kidnapped by Mayor Orca and brought to his satellite. Agent Wallree is sent out to save Wilson, but falls into Mayor Orca's trap instead. Mayor Orca reveals that his satellite can hypnotize people to be his slaves. Wallree and Wilson use "the powers of magnetism" to escape and they blow up his satellite. This movie is somewhat like a mix of Agent Wallree and the Day My Toaster Attacked and Agent Wallree and the Trouble with Double.



  • Even though this movie wasn't meant to be based on one of the books, it turned out to be like a cross between book two and book five.
  • Wilson is played by a seal in the movie.
  • The four main actors of this movie are actually two sets of uncle and nephew!
  • There is a small glitch when Chief Wendall is telling Wallree his mission at 2 minutes and 47 seconds. The editing department looked over the glitch, gaining international attention and almost costing Guacamolito his job.

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