Agent Wallree

Wallree in the books.

Species: Walrus

The Secret Room of Secretiveness, The Day My Toaster Attacked, The Trick of Saint Nick, Ye Olde Zombie Retirement Home, The Trouble with Double, The Emerald Sword, The Danger Down Deep, Agent Wallree Goes to the Museum, Agent Wallree and the Secret Room, Agent Wallree 2 the Hypnotism Hoax

Not to be confused with the actor: Wallree Furry.

Agent Wallree is the main character of the series. Wendy and Wilson are his best friends. He has short tusks. He is very kind. His favorite hobby is lounging in the HQ's agent lounge. He lives in a dorm with Wilson, and Wendy lives next door. Wallree is the only character who appears in every single book, movie, and radio episode. It is hinted that he has a secret crush on Wendy. Wallree is Chief Wendall's personal favorite, which is why he sends him on EVERYTHING!


Wallree in the movies.


  • "I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"
  • "I'm on the case!"
  • "Why is he laughing?"
  • "Justice will prevail!"
  • "Am I getting paid overtime for this?"


  • He is the only character to appear in every episode of every subseries in the series.
  • He is based on Tabby Furry's own son, Wallree.
  • Wallree Furry played Agent Wallree in the movies.